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Koa.js's Projects

accesslog icon accesslog

Middleware for common log format access logs

bundle icon bundle

Generic asset pipeline with caching, etags, minification, gzipping and sourcemaps.

cash icon cash

HTTP response caching for Koa. Supports Redis, in-memory store, and more!

cdn icon cdn

[DEPRECATED] middleware for a koa-based CDN

charset icon charset

use iconv-lite to encode the body and set charset to content-type

cluster icon cluster

Koa clustering and error handling utility

common icon common


compressor icon compressor

[DEPRECATED] Compress middleware for koa that always compresses

convert icon convert

Convert koa generator-based middleware to promise-based middleware

cors icon cors

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing(CORS) for koa

ctx-paginate icon ctx-paginate

Augments Koa with ctx.paginate (forked from `express-paginate`)

ejs icon ejs

a koa view render middleware, support all feature of ejs

error icon error

Error response middleware (text, json, html)

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