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Weisong Zhao, Ph.D.

  • Professor, PI, microscopist, and data scientist at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT).
  • His research interest focuses on biomedical imaging, machine learning, and bioimage analysis.
  • His lab is building advanced optical microscopy for biomedical applications, as well as developing smart algorithms across modalities including optical microscopy, acoustic/photoacoustic imaging, and cryo-EM/ET.


Contact 📱

  1. Website:
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. Twitter: @weisong_zhao
  4. Blogs: CSDN

News (start from 2020)

Selected Projects

Name MATLAB Java (ImageJ) Python Other languages Reference Description
SN2N - - SN2N - bioRxiv Self-inspired Noise2Noise learning to denoise engine
rFRC & PANEL PANELM PANELJ PANELpy - Light: Sci. Appl. Quantitatively mapping the local image quality at super-resolution scale
SACD SACDm SACDj - - Nat. Photon. 100 times faster super-resolution fluctuation imaging.
Sparse deconvolution Sparse-SIM - sparse-deconv-py - Nat. Biotech. An universal post-processing framework for fluorescence microscopy.
ImagePy - - ImagePy - Bioinformatics An open source image processing framework (A Pythonic ImageJ).
Simulation for Adaptive Optics Adaptive-Optics-simulation - - - Rev. Sci. Instrum. A light weight simulation framework for adaptive optics in microscopy.
img2vid img2vid - - - Nat. Biotech. A light weight framework for making exsiting images to videos.
Palette.ui Palette.ui - - - Nat. Biotech. Multi-color imaging tool to merge/composite frames.
Adaptive median filter - Adaptive-Median-imagej - - Nat. Biotech. A median filter with adaptive threshold to avoid blurring effects.
t-varianceJ - t-varianceJ - - - T-axial variance calculation will highlight the regions that have calcium signal transients.
Clean Web Template - - - CleanWeb-Template (html/Javascript) - A light weight personal website template.

Weisong Zhao's Projects

imagepy icon imagepy

Image process framework based on plugin like imagej, it is esay to glue with scipy.ndimage, scikit-image, opencv, simpleitk, mayavi...and any libraries based on numpy

modelsgenesis icon modelsgenesis

Official Keras Implementation and Pre-trained Models for Models Genesis - MICCAI 2019

palette.ui icon palette.ui

v0.5.4, Multi-color imaging tool to merge frames.

panelj icon panelj

Official imagej plugin of the "PANEL" -v0.2.5

panelm icon panelm

Official MATLAB implementation of the "PANEL" -v0.4.5

panelpy icon panelpy

Official Python implementation of the "PANEL" -v0.4.6

psfgenerator icon psfgenerator

A Java software package to generate realistic 3D microscope Point-Spread Function (PSF)

sacd icon sacd

Source code of SACD(Super-resolution with Auto-Correlation two-step Deconvolution)

sacdj icon sacdj

Official imagej plugin of the "SACD" -v1.1.3

sacdm icon sacdm

Official MATLAB implementation of the "SACD" -v0.2.0

sn2n icon sn2n

Official PyTorch implementation of the "SN2N" -v0.3.5

sparse-sim icon sparse-sim

Official MATLAB implementation of the "Sparse deconvolution" -v1.0.3

tensorflow icon tensorflow

An Open Source Machine Learning Framework for Everyone

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