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If you or your company are using any of my projects or like what I'm doing, please consider backing me up. I appreciate it! πŸ™ Your support will help me allocate more time to the open source work.

I maintain and contribute to OSS software, below is a list of my latest projects and writings. My current focus is on developing CRDT and OT collaborative editing solutions, local-first software, and Web3 apps.

My Projects

  • UI and React
    • react-use and libreact β€” lots of React hooks and utility components.
    • nano-css and nano-theme β€” the fastest and smallest CSS-in-JS library with lots of plugins (successor of freestyler).
    • react-embed β€” embed social widgets in your React app.
    • use-media β€” CSS media queries through React hook.
    • react-simple-player β€” a minimalistic audio player React component.
    • clickable-json β€” JSON viewer and editor with hoverable and clickable objects.
    • flexible-input β€” React <input> and <textarea> components which stretch to fit the content.
    • collaborative-input β€” React <input> and <textarea> components with JSON CRDT real-time collaboration support.
    • collaborative-ace β€” JSON CRDT real-time collaboration bindings for Ace editor.
    • collaborative-monaco β€” JSON CRDT real-time collaboration bindings for the Monaco editor.
    • collaborative-codemirror β€” JSON CRDT real-time collaboration bindings for the CodeMirror editor.
    • awesome-styleguides β€” index of style guides and design systems.
    • code-colors and code-colors-react β€” code syntax highlighting libraries.
    • use-t β€” a small internationalization library for React.
    • iconista β€” a React component for rendering open-source SVG icons.
    • react-router-lite β€” a lightweight React router.
  • Filesystem
    • memfs β€” a virtual filesystem for Node.js and browser, plus OPFS file system helpers.
    • unionfs β€” creates a union of multiple filesystem volumes.
    • fs-monkey β€” monkey-patches Node's fs module and require function.
    • linkfs β€” redirects filesystem paths.
    • spyfs β€” spies on filesystem actions.
  • Data structures, algorithms, and utilities
    • json-joy, a JSON CRDT implementation and collection of JSON awesomeness.
      • json-joy/json-crdt β€” the fastest list CRDT implementation in JavaScript.
      • json-joy/json-patch β€” very fast JSON Patch (and JSON Pointer) implementation in JavaScript.
      • json-joy/json-expression β€” JSON Expression implementation.
      • json-joy/json-type β€” the fastest JSON schema validation implementation in JavaScript.
    • git-cz β€” feat: 🎸 emoji-fied Git commits
    • sonic-forest β€” very fast AVL, Splay, and Radix tree implementations in JavaScript.
    • thingies β€” a collection of useful TypeScript utilities.
    • rx-use β€” useful RxJS observables for web apps.
    • tree-dump β€” utility to easily print tree-like structures.
    • cross-ci β€” env var normalization across CI/CD services.
    • web4 πŸ”œ soon β€” CRDT-based content-addressable local-first data repository.
  • Parsing
    • json-pack β€” the fastest CBOR, MessagePack, RESP3, UBJSON, JSON, and Bencode codecs in plain JavaScript.
    • jit-router β€” the fastest HTTP router in JavaScript.
    • md-mdast β€” extremely small and fast Markdown to MDAST parser.
    • mdast-flat β€” MDAST format to flat-MDAST converter.
    • mqtt-codec πŸ§ͺπŸ’₯ experimental β€” the fastest MQTT packet parser for Node.js.
    • jit-parser πŸ§ͺπŸ’₯ experimental β€” PoC of LL recursive backtracking descent JIT parser generator.
  • Server & Networking
    • ass-js πŸ§ͺπŸ’₯ experimental β€” X86_64 assembler compiler in JavaScript.
    • reactive-rcp πŸ§ͺπŸ’₯ experimental β€” a very fast and type safe JSON Reactive RPC server and client.
    • redis-joy πŸ§ͺπŸ’₯ experimental β€” a very fast Redis 7+ RESP3 standalone and cluster client.
    • node-multicore πŸ§ͺπŸ’₯ experimental β€” PoC of a very fast thread pool for Node.js.

My Writings

Thank You

Your support means a lot to me and will help me to continue working on my projects!

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