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dsyer avatar dsyer commented on September 26, 2023

It is expected that the SecurityAutoConfiguration would provide some defaults that you might otherwise have to provide in your own configuration. You can always disable the SecurityAutoConfiguration (by excluding it in @EnableAutoConfiguration), but I'd rather hear the details and try and see how to change things if necessary. You might need to describe your use case in a bit more detail to see if we need to explicitly support it or not.

from spring-boot.

zyro23 avatar zyro23 commented on September 26, 2023

essentially, i followed the securing-web guide and got a security config like this (groovy):

class WebSecurityConfig extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter {

    protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {




now if i add the dependency for spring-boot-starter-actuator in my gradle build, the app is asking for basic auth under any url...

thanks, zyro

from spring-boot.

dsyer avatar dsyer commented on September 26, 2023

Right, that's because your configurator callback is unordered, while the SecurityAutoConfiguration contains one that has @Order(Ordered.LOWEST_PRECEDENCE - 5). I suggest maybe you add @Order(Ordered.LOWEST_PRECEDENCE - 10) to yours.

from spring-boot.

zyro23 avatar zyro23 commented on September 26, 2023

oh well... i spotted the option for ordering but thought "last wins" with the highest precedence being last :/

i will give @Order(Ordered.LOWEST_PRECEDENCE - 10) a spin in a few hours and comment here if i succeeded - then this could be closed of course.

thanks for the quick help!

from spring-boot.

zyro23 avatar zyro23 commented on September 26, 2023

works. thanks again. closed.

from spring-boot.

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