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2048 icon 2048

Famous 2048 Game in Flutter icon

Repo for counting stars and contributing. Press F to pay respect to glorious developers.

admin_panel_v2 icon admin_panel_v2

Control Af-Fix Smartphone repair bussines with multi platform support

anglers-log icon anglers-log

Anglers' Log is a mobile application written in Flutter that allows users to track, analyze, and share their catches in the sport of fishing.

appwatermark icon appwatermark

Watermark the application globally. If the user takes a screenshot in the application, all screenshots will have a watermark. It is commonly used in the internal application of enterprises, and there is a need for confidentiality.给应用全局加水印。用户如果在应用内截图,则所有截图都会有水印。一般应用于企业内部应用,有保密需要的场景。

bax icon bax


bezier-chart icon bezier-chart

A beautiful bezier line chart widget for flutter that is highly interactive and configurable.

chatkuy icon chatkuy

A chat application mobile apps made with Flutter, GetX Miniframework for state managing, route managing, use temporary storage with Get storage and other functionality from GetX, also for backend we using Firebase for authenticating with Google or other authentication (soon), for cloud database with firestore and also realtime database.

coco_alu icon coco_alu


daily_mind icon daily_mind

DailyMind is a meditation app that helps you relax, reduce stress and improve focus. Choose from a variety of guided meditations, breathing exercises, and soothing sounds. Track your progress and achieve a more peaceful and mindful state of mind.

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