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python-plexapi's Introduction



Python bindings for the Plex API. Our goal is to match all capabilities of the official Plex Web Client. A few of the many features we currently support are:

  • Navigate local or remote shared libraries.
  • Perform library actions such as scan, analyze, empty trash.
  • Remote control and play media on connected clients.
  • Listen in on all Plex Server notifications.


pip install plexapi

Getting a PlexServer Instance

There are two types of authentication. If you are running on a separate network or using Plex Users you can log into MyPlex to get a PlexServer instance. An example of this is below. NOTE: Servername below is the name of the server (not the hostname and port). If logged into Plex Web you can see the server name in the top left above your available libraries.

from plexapi.myplex import MyPlexAccount
account = MyPlexAccount('<USERNAME>', '<PASSWORD>')
plex = account.resource('<SERVERNAME>').connect()  # returns a PlexServer instance

If you want to avoid logging into MyPlex and you already know your auth token string, you can use the PlexServer object directly as above, but passing in the baseurl and auth token directly.

from plexapi.server import PlexServer
baseurl = 'http://plexserver:32400'
token = '2ffLuB84dqLswk9skLos'
plex = PlexServer(baseurl, token)

Usage Examples

# Example 1: List all unwatched movies.
movies = plex.library.section('Movies')
for video in
# Example 2: Mark all Game of Thrones episodes watched.
plex.library.section('TV Shows').get('Game of Thrones').markWatched()
# Example 3: List all clients connected to the Server.
for client in plex.clients():
# Example 4: Play the movie Cars on another client.
# Note: Client must be on same network as server.
cars = plex.library.section('Movies').get('Cars')
client = plex.client("Michael's iPhone")
# Example 5: List all content with the word 'Game' in the title.
for video in'Game'):
    print('%s (%s)' % (video.title, video.TYPE))
# Example 6: List all movies directed by the same person as Elephants Dream.
movies = plex.library.section('Movies')
die_hard = movies.get('Elephants Dream')
director = die_hard.directors[0]
for movie in, director=director):
# Example 7: List files for the latest episode of The 100.
last_episode = plex.library.section('TV Shows').get('The 100').episodes()[-1]
for part in last_episode.iterParts():
# Example 8: Get a URL to stream a movie or show in another client
die_hard = plex.library.section('Movies').get('Elephants Dream')
print('Run running the following command to play in VLC:')
print('vlc "%s"' % die_hard.getStreamURL(videoResolution='800x600'))
# Example 9: Get audio/video/all playlists
for playlist in plex.playlists():

Common Questions

Why are you using camelCase and not following PEP8 guidelines?

This API reads XML documents provided by MyPlex and the Plex Server. We decided to conform to their style so that the API variable names directly match with the provided XML documents.

Why don't you offer feature XYZ?

This library is meant to be a wrapper around the XML pages the Plex server provides. If we are not providing an API that is offerered in the XML pages, please let us know! -- Adding additional features beyond that should be done outside the scope of this library.

What are some helpful links if trying to understand the raw Plex API?

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