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Andy's Projects

2048 icon 2048

A small clone of 1024 (

afinal icon afinal


android-open-project icon android-open-project

Collect and classify android open source projects, 交流 QQ 群:14884(入群理由必须填写群简介问题答案)4489

androidtouchgallery icon androidtouchgallery

Android widget for gallery, using viewpager. Allow pinch zoom and drag for images by url

appintro icon appintro

Make a cool intro for your Android app.

applock icon applock

Library for android application lock.

cards-ui icon cards-ui

A library that allows you to easily mimic Google Play's card layout on Android.

chromeview icon chromeview

Android WebView implementation that uses the latest Chromium code

cmppgate icon cmppgate


colorart icon colorart

iTunes 11-style color matching code for Android

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