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Hazuki Onohara's Projects

4cc-aet-compiler icon 4cc-aet-compiler

Organizes the contents of aesthetic exports for the 4chan cup and packs them into DLC files for Pro Evolution Soccer

aoba icon aoba

Aoba is a cute bot for Discord!

api icon api

An API for Homura and Ainu (Based on Ripple)

eazdecode icon eazdecode

A library to decode EazFuscator's encrypted symbol names, if you have the password.

fastforward icon fastforward

Don't waste your time with compliance. FastForward automatically skips annoying link shorteners.

giveawaybot icon giveawaybot

Hold giveaways quickly and easily on your Discord server!

gmad icon gmad

Garry's Mod Addon Creator and Extractor

gulag-web icon gulag-web

The frontend service for the osu! private server, gulag!

hanayo icon hanayo

Ainu frontend | Based on Ripple icon, A JSPYBridge supported by Mineflayer :')

hoapbot icon hoapbot

A multi (?) purpose bot for MC-ZERO.NET

lets icon lets

ripple's score server. mirror of

osr2mp4-core icon osr2mp4-core

A program to convert osu replay file osr to mp4. Sample:

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